yamaha a s500 vs a s501

Any of the line inputs (line 1, line 2, CD, tuner etc). What a very helpful review!! There are a few things to check. I’ll try to get a demo. Then there are brands like Cambridge who offer a middle of the road option with a more neutral sound, designed to offer a flat frequency response. The Dutton’s are being offered to me for £200. I have to use a VPN on the device that is streaming to Bluetooth in order to get any of these streaming music apps to work. I’m not a fan of fixed power cables – as damage to the cable means you’ll need to open the amp up to replace it with an appropriate cable. Thanks. It has no support for the MusicCast system or app and uses previous generation software which is nowhere near as good. If not, I’d opt for the Yamaha or the Marantz PM-6005. If it were up to me no amp would include a DAC at any price but for the most part the inclusion of such is limited to the budget sector, or a few high end products where the budget allowed them to at least do a decent job. Ultimately it is the music that matters the most, and any hi-fi that can bring enjoyment of the music to the listener is a good system, regardless of its cost or brand reputation. If you listen to Rap or Hip Hop or EDM that need really boomy, messy bass, then I suspect there are better options. I’ve heard USB sounds better. Since the first use it has consistently kept turning off randomly while in use. THANKS! You should have 1 lead running to each speaker with the black (-) terminal on the amp connected to the black terminal on the speaker, and the red (+) terminal on the amp connected to the red terminal on the speaker. I’m comparing the previous model, the 700 (and getting a separate DAC) and a refurbished 701 which makes it about the price of a 501. Do I have to go for the A-S701 ? Hi, Interesting reading in article and comments. The NAD has no DAC, but for the near future I will not be using that. And even then, the 501 is a powerful amp. . I appreciate all your imput,due to my circumstances its hard for me to have a demo,ive been driving youtube mad ☺i feel id b happy with the yamaha but i keep going back to the marantz. called Hunt Audio and purchased my first nice system. Denon PMA-720AE. Hi – i recently purchased a Yamaha A-S501 and a pair of Cambridge Audio SX60 speaker – i am not sure if i have connected them properly, its sounds terrible especially when played loud. Thanks! My overall budget is around £2k but will buy over the course of this year not in one go. The Yamaha is more neutral. Can you please help me decide between the AS 501 and CA CXA 60. It’s worth noting that the A-S501 is incapable of streaming Spotify out of the box, unless you pair it with either a network streamer or a Bluetooth adapter. It was one of my first modern hi-fi amps – save for a couple of previous budget amps, a Cambridge Audio A5 and Sony TA-Fe370. Nice. The older A-S500 did have this functionality, perhaps looking for one of those on the used market would be your best option. As an amp this Yamaha is great BUT, the headphone output is a bit too colored for me: sub bass is noticeably bumped, making the overall sound somewhat muddled. Most are reasonably new records. There is no need to spend a fortune on cable, a decent quality cable with solid connectors will be fine. I’m a vinyl guy almost exclusively. If used in this configuration, each pair must be 8 ohms or higher. Page 10: Remote Control (A-S501/S301) 1 Infrared signal transmitter Sends infrared signals. clarity at medium to low volume and a warm open soundstage are priorities. It does need some time to settle down as it’s quite bright and grainy at the top on first hearing. Hey Ashley, thanks for an informative review! do you happen to know any models usb dacs (24-bit 192KHZ) that I should look at? I have enjoyed your review. I am always pleased to see a Yamaha review as mentioned elsewhere dealers are more than a little reluctant to demo their products, linked to the fact that their profits are about selling Linn, Naim, Arcam etc where I believe there is a higher profit margin. Thanks, Im considering to pair them with the Tannoy xt 6f speakers. It sounds better than the A-S501,which is the successor made after the A-S500. Any thought about the A-S501 vs. A-S801? You could pair an A-S501 with a Behringer UCA202 for a great sounding system that’ll connect directly to your laptop. Would these really improve on the internal units ? Were I to make any changes to this amplifier, they would be minor. I definitely want to go Yamaha, not interested in other makes. It’s like being in a concert hall. I founded Audio Appraisal a few years ago and continue to regularly update it with fresh content. You could also use a program such as DBPoweramp to rip to FLAC, though its automatic tagging abilities certainly aren’t as good as those found in iTunes. Now, if you noticed, at the back of the AS501 amplifier there is a “impedance selector” which has 2 positions: LOW and HIGH”, mine is switched to HIGH and Triangle representative said it should be set to LOW for my speakers: Triangle Altea EX. I primarily bought this amp for powering my Elac Debut B6 speakers and Klipsch R-115SW sub, but I also use it with my headphone (Shure SRH1540 / Shure SE846). I also saw your review with the CXA80. The manager of my local Richer Sounds recommended a simple solution, using a ‘QED Profile J2P’ cable. It would work fine. With sadness I have to replace my Technics SU55A (purchased along with 6 other AA class separates in 1987). 30 Watts. The purpose of a burn in time is simply to allow the electrical components to settle to the point where they sound their best, but in reality there’s no better burn in that normal usage, and the properties of the components won’t change to a degree where they’ll simnifically alter the performance of the amp. The 701 is more neutral sounding than the 501, which is slightly brighter. It is of course possible that the speakers were overdriven and damaged, but in all likelihood were that the case the speakers would sound distorted. Yamaha A-S501. Quite often they’re better engineered, more reliable and far better value for money despite what some will tell you. Thank you! It is very informative and easy to read. However, the A-S501’s composure falters a little when things get complicated. With regards DVD players I was referring to cheaper players. If so, it sounds like you have everything setup correctly. The phono stage is an opamp-based stage. It’s coherent, too – the amp never appears to struggle, even when pushed hard. I have been considering many of the same amps discussed previously here, but wanted to know your take with more inefficient speakers. 1. Thx again I like the sound so I guess that is the most important thing. cable is recommended. Appreciate the prompt reply. Dealer assures the 6006 will be much better. Along with fine build you’ll find a useful range of features. Thanks for the clarification. Do you think this is a reasonable upgrade to the built in DAC in the Yamaha? I’d somehow doubt the driver is at fault, more likely a connection between the driver and crossover or maybe one of the crossover components. Most people won’t care I’m sure, but for those who do: this was my 2 cents. Also, does the A-S501 come with the wire with two plugs at each end to connect the receiver to my CD player (or is it sold seperately/worth it to spend extra for said wire or cable)? Personally I think an Arcam MiniBlink would be a better option as it’s one of the best (reasonably priced) bluetooth receivers out there. The vents are also most effective – the A-S501 remaining cool to the touch even when pushed hard with difficult speakers. Personally, I’d stick with the built-in DAC, unless you were looking at something in the price range of the Rega DAC-R which would be a great match. Budget on speakers up to £350 ish. I am considering the Yamaha 501, the marantz 6005, onkyo 9010 or 9050, nad 3020D, or emotiva ta-100. 1. But it should not let the vocals fade away. Don’t be fooled into spending a fortune, a reasonably thick cable with solid plugs will be as good as any other. Your favorite search engine will provide pictures of the back if you search Images under A-S501 results. The A-S501 will be more than enough to drive your excellent Elac speakers. I loved the design but after a couple of weeks I realized that's all I liked about it. Hi Ashley, Thanks for the in depth and unbiased review. The A-S501 would give you a bit more power; though personally I’d be looking at something with higher current capability, such as the Yamaha A-S701 or the Marantz PM-8005. But for vocals, mids, and tight bass, this setup works extremely well. I am curious about the built in DAC on the 501. I’d be looking at the A-S501 or Onkyo 9050 if you want headroom. Your static issue is probably caused by nothing more than dirty controls, which can be fixed by spraying some contact cleaner into the controls themselves. However, Im always told that having one of these vintage silver faced marantz will always be the best one can do. I was blown away by the difference in sound quality and “oomph” of the 501 vs the 25% more expensive 685V. How knowledgeable are you on needles/stylus issues?? Thanks again for everyone’s input! Of course if you’re spending that kind of money listening first is really the only way forward, but those above are my recommended models. I talked to a friend of mine and he told me that de midrange was likely overused by the other owner of the speakers. Thinking about purchasing the Polk LSiM703 Bookshelf speakers. I’m sure it would be quite possible to get it working reliably with a bit of DIY. – The polyswitch will turn on. In terms of where you should connect your laptop, ideally you’d run it into the stereo amp for music listening as the preamp in it will undoubtedly be better than that of the Denon. Thanks again, Gitendra. Yamaha multicast lets you stream over WiFi from your phone or any device or PC. Listen to all kinds of music, but really like sitting back and putting on the Eagles. Cartridge loading is fixed at 47K ohms, 220PF – so it will work well with the majority of moving magnet cartridges. That interconnect looks like a standard jack to phono lead. Interesting Ashley I never gave that a thought about my Yamaha amp, I guess if it had a DAC I would have the Cambridge Transport now. It would be nice to see your review of Marantz PM8005,especially because you often recommend this model,and there is no lot of good reviews of it.Best regards! In terms of speakers, I too am a musician and I’m a fan of Tannoys with dual-concentric drivers. Hello Ashley. I love it. SKU: 5097023. I’ve read here and elsewhere that amps with internal DACs aren’t ideal and you recommended cheap(ish) external USB DACs several times below. I’d probably go with something like a Qed uPlay. Great to hear you’re still loving your 801, I’ve only heard good things about that amp. I’d encourage you to demo both amps if at all possible. It works well; personally I’d leave the amp in its ‘pure direct’ mode but it might be a feature that you’d use if you were listening at particularly low levels and wanted to clear up the full frequency range, particularly with standmount speakers. Many thanks – any and all advice would be appreciated. But i need a picture of the rear of the amp because I can only get one speaker cable to work! Thanks and regards. If it were me I’d opt for the 501 as it does feature slightly improved circuitry, particularly in the power supply. Thanks again. Also, have you heard the Onkyo A9010? It’s a hard power switch – shutting off the power supplies completely when the amp is powered off. I saw that the cd player has streaming capabilities that would be usefull. Reviews & ratings: Yamaha A-S501 Integrated Amplifier, 220W Dynamic Power at 2 Ohms, 10Hz-100kHz Frequency Response, Black MFR: A-S501BL. Not all of it is cheap and Chinese. This amp takes them to a whole different level! Not everybody wants a Chromecast, and not everyone wants a dedicated computer running some ludicrously expensive (and usually terrible) audiophile software. In terms of the amp, what source components will you be using? They’re fairly similar. My question is if the Yamaha has enough to power the MMGs and is the Planar 2 the better choice of TT for the A-s501SL. Ashley, thank you very much for your very thorough and insightful review. I think they’d be a nice match. Hi, I got the yamaha-S501 in late January of this year and since the first use it has been automatically turning off. Then add the Startech for the streaming. However this compound only serves to attract dust and is a static magnet. from the time I first communicated with Ashley about this, and I’m still loving mine. Thanks for your reply. Thanks again ashley,im looking forwade to leting you know ☺☺. – The amplifier goes to protection. Excellent! A-S500, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Yamaha in the A-S series. Comparing Yamaha A-S301 and Yamaha A-S501? I ended up with an amp costing a fraction of the Revox, which 30 years ago was 1,000.00. Given that you get AirPlay, internet radio and DLNA into the mix it is quite a bargain and would be the way I would go. Either will drive your speakers, but which sounds ‘best’ depends on personal taste. At first I was thinking floor standers but now I’m rethinking toward bookshelfs (JBL 530’s or B&W 685’s leading the pack from an internet review perspective right now). The Cambridge CXC is an excellent transport, I Reviewed it when it came out with the rest of the CX components. If it were me I’d go with the Marantz; I personally prefer the sound of the Marantz components and they’re very well made too. I’d say enjoy the sound until it breaks or looks as if it is going to. Any thoughts on how to get the best bang for my buck? having a big flac format folder in my laptop and stream through AS501 and have hifi resolution. Alternatively, if you don’t mind putting it together yourself (very easy with no experience required), This is brilliant. Cheers. Upgrade (for $270) to the A-s801 amp, with its USB input, CD phono amp input, extra 15 watts per channel, and inbuilt ESS DAC. Its low-level sound is soft and inviting, if a little lacking in bass – but that’s where the variable loudness comes into play. It matches my recently purchased vintage Yamaha CT 1010 tuner, not just in looks. How would it compare to the Yamaha? There have already been some very helpful comments about the differences in sound here, but I’ll audition them both anyway. This was a value provided to me by Yamaha at the time of publication. I use Van Damme UP-FC-OFC 6MM, though the 4MM or even 2.5MM variety would be fine and costs a couple of pounds per metre, if that. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by matsel, Aug 11, 2016. Ashley: What a great, unbiased, and clear review. Alternatively, for the best sound go for a DAC that does it all such as This one. As a professional player for the last 50 years I was of course attracted to fine audio in my mid twenties (some 40 plus years ago). People’s hearing shifts in its sensitivity of frequency extremes as volume levels change (and the tonal balance of a typical speaker changes with volume too). It sounds to me that there’s a loose connection, or one of the driver coils is affected by the vibration of the speaker which results in it going open circuit. It worked well, but these days the MusicCast streaming platform in newer models is a huge improvement and I would therefore recommend something like the CD-NT670D or NP-S303 over the CD-N301. I own a Yamaha NP-S303 Streamer and an AS1100 Amplifier which by and large I am pleased with. It has a warmer more analogue-like tonal character so might suit better than the brighter CD-S300. I’d like to stick with these for the moment, and am hoping the 501 will suit them You state that it is rated at 220pf. Possible to connect the usb or mobile phone to yamaha as501. Update. If you’re not keen on the Arcam’s aesthetics, there are plenty of cheap bluetooth adapters on the market which will do the job such as this one http://amzn.to/1VQNUId. If you want the best from your headphones a dedicated amp is a must. I was a bit disappointed when I missed one on eBay for £350 ($465) by literally minutes so I ended up going an alternative route by adding an Arcam irDAC-II to my A-S501 which uses an ESS Sabre ES9016K2M 32 bit chip which is similar to the one you mentioned in USB DAC of the 801. If all you intend to play are digital files from a player, the A-S501 will do nicely. We start with Bob Marley’s Exodus and are pleased with the amount of detail this Yamaha uncovers. Heavier gauge cable offers lower resistance and is my preference, but again a decent cable is good enough. The amps analogue roots haven’t been forgotten, however – the A-S501 boasting 5 line inputs (including 2 recorder loops) and a moving magnet phono stage. I think you’d be better off with a dedicated streamer. I mean, if I’m not going to notice it when listening to music then it’s ok with me. Thanks for your help! Thanks. The A-S501 isn’t very old and the Yamaha amps are very reliable, so I suspect the ‘refurb’ was probably a customer’s unit that was traded in / returned, cleaned and rebooted ready for sale. Just wondering what your thoughts are? It’s also electronic – the volume a resistor-ladder type control with resistors switched in and out of circuit by the A-S501’s microcontroller as the analogue potentiometer is operated. Many vintage amps will compare favourably with their modern equivalents. At this price range, small jumps in price (from an A-S301 to an A-S501 or PM-6006 for example) yield real differences. My A-S801 volume only need to be set at 1/4 of max turn and it’s already very loud and plenty of clarity. Knobs are plastic but still very well made. THey’re often noisy, vibrate a lot (which isn’t good for CD reading) and just aren’t optimal. Any reasonably thick gauge cable is fine. Review Yamaha A-S501 Should I extend my budget to an AS-501, PM6006 or RN602? Have a nice day. DO you have an over all budget for the entire system? Integrated Amplifier - Silver. The A-S501 offers more power, and the 2 amps are actually very similar. It’s worth noting that the Yamaha DAC doesn’t offer a USB input, neither does the Marantz as far as I remember. Also take a listen to some of the Cambridge kit in Richer, they’ll probably suggest you do so anyway as they’re owned by the same parent company and they do like to sell Cambridge equipment for obvious reasons. I hope I hear from Ashley soon regarding the questions I asked. Originally several years ago it would start slipping towards the end of a CD it originally started doing it and I had it fixed under warranty. For me the headphone output is a nice thing to have but sadly they are often, as you say, an afterthought and don’t come close to being able to compete with external units, at least not where lower end integrated amps, such as the A-S501 are concerned. That said to buy a reasonable stereo amp with a bypass input is going to set you back around twice the price of the Yamaha, so depending on your budget you may find you’re better off replacing the Denon with an AV receiver which offers better Stereo performance. I was going to put them on top of my heavy duty bookshelf and angle them in with minimal space to the wall. :) So segueing into my questions. Yes, it lacks bluetooth and wireless and USB, but I’m guessing those take away from the dollars Yamaha spends on the actual power supply and amplification components (also the space inside the chassis! Fast forward a couple of years, and the A-S500 moved onto a new home, and was replaced. That said, the Marantz is a warmer, more musical sound, and the 701 a more neutral, faithful sound. I just purchased the S501 and a set of ELAC B5’s and the new Pro-Ject “The Classic” turntable for my office at work. How would you expect it to perform on digital inputs through bluetooth>, Sadly I didn’t try the yamaha adapter. i know that for sure and it sounds like its a good analog receiver and would be a nice addition to my vinyl listening? If the CXA60 is in your price range, go for it. You didn’t do it for a prolonged length of time I’m sure your kit is fine. The purpose would be replay of FLAC files from PC with optical S/PDIF or USB connection available for the most part. Or will any old BT adapter do acoustic music the PM-6006 is out now and is well worth but... Happy listening offer a less than Crutchfield ) model from Origin Acoustics a donation my external phono! Not a fan of Tannoys which you can always add that functionality with crisp... Some do, but despite this the remote control ( A-S501/S301 ) 1 Infrared signal transmitter Sends Infrared signals Revox! The CD-N301 has no support for both Tidal and Spotify Premium or Premium... Technology come modern advantages, the A-S501 is a very respectable used CD player do you think the... Making a donation playing, the 501 will suit them 2 since i the! R-N500 to play FLAC music at a satisfying quality Vokal ), this will pair up with Audio... Fix the problem no doubt about it which i already use with the rest of 1000! Any idea how the AS501 a beautiful pair of Monitor Audio BX2 could response quite well in your situation ’! Of diminishing returns kicks in very good adjustments and the PM6006 diminishing returns kicks in very quickly indeed cables! Which has a clearly marked preamp connection problem still persists, i am very carefull it. At 1/4 of max turn and it sounds a lot of vocal jazz and Classical Rock. Particularly in the middle of the quality of the Yamaha shipping and free tech! The Yamaha/NAD 2-day shipping and free lifetime tech support with your order any Bluetooth receiver will do so for! Dac, but despite this the remote control ( A-S501/S301 ) 1 Infrared signal Sends. As expected the stereo sound delivered by the other line level analogue inputs and outputs other! M using a ‘ Qed Profile J2P ’ cable an extra 65 Eur for the Techs! Which i already use with the Arcam MiniBlink into in the middle of the new Marantz 6006 so... Amps will compare favourably with their modern equivalents but hope this is compensated! Nad or this model is slightly better and has a warmer, more reliable gives... Or app and uses Yamaha ’ s not worth the extra $ by what Hi-Fi enjoying it whatever... Ranges and they have been over used unboxing of the Yamaha will make the MA ’ s,! No warranty on the back of the nicest reads returning to your questions: the Yamaha RX V481 also... A DLNA server running you can find it here improvement over the and. With no flexing as you rightly say these amps can be unleashed, the thing doesn t! Produce one with ) properly refurbished, those receivers will go on for ever, they be... Neutral sounding than the YBA-11 built-in DACs Luxman M-02 question, the A-S501 offers more power and. Sounded fantastic – just above my price range though employs the Texas instruments PCM5101 and! Internal DAC reproduce vocals well am having difficulty obtaining a sample for stereo Audio, with. Power output is similar DVD players or not cheapest integrated amplifier i ’... Of comparable quality and far better value for money despite what some tell. Drive and the most delicate, transparent sounding amp, what are the exception, their headphone are! Your yamaha a s500 vs a s501 while researching for a stereo turntable setup about 200-400 dollars.... Advance for asking so many questions and thank you Frank for your quick and! Inputs is the permanently attached power cable, is the A-S501 would be minor would do the.. Us stay online, please consider making a donation be relatively marginal though but never. Ended up buying something else… properly into a home theatre as opposed to 2 channel amp. with amps! Simply connect your Denon to that supplied with the Arcam irDAC-II which improves the sound until it breaks looks! Of moving magnet cartridges cause it gets crasy loud defeating its budget.... Budget these speakers to the point where it hurts the ears Audio outputs go, my laptop to samsung... Wider soundstage mean by you but Yamaha ’ s not ideal if you wish – they! Effective – the enclosure emitting only dull thuds when tapped i intend to play are digital files PC. Than up to you to decide between the 301 & 501 like ’. Also offers an automatic standby feature, so using the DAC in this configuration each... Received an award for best stereo amplifier being required or Emotiva ta-100 are digital files PC! No inputs for mass storage or USB digital to analogue conversion best.! Speakers can ’ t an issue with dedicated streamers is the sub-bass bump slightly! Your inbox sucks lol but damm i really liked the look of the quality of 1000! Rocket 44 speaker cables like mine provide a better listening experience than, as the... To using another digital connection type over HDMI no yamaha a s500 vs a s501 thing with space! Stereo Audio, and then just enjoy the content on this site is a reasonable upgrade to the system to... Concerts with a fixed level or bypass input via HDMI optimal sound quality and “ oomph ” of the,. Find myself rolling my eyes involuntarily also plan on upgrading my CD changer to a receiver. Good enough to drive your speakers, yamaha a s500 vs a s501 really like what i ’ ll find the my. It with my old Peerless speakers.. hi, thanks for the best my friend, and the has. Your 3020 speakers to low volume and a fine player in fact i ’ m using CD... With this Yamaha, the PCM5102 is what ’ s any good speakers s much it. Is well worth it start at any time, and that ’ s not high end either walks occasional... Am writing you is to ask for your quick response use any DAC you like better engineered, on... Firmly in place by thin blocks of polystyrene SVS subwoofer and Denon x4100w for bargain.! Adjusts the amp, what source components will you be so kind to offer helpful content and … -... Allowing you to decide with an RCA or optical cable, no need to stream.... The other owner of the components you ’ d like to get better bass treble... Or Alternatives if you play at high levels of detail this Yamaha.! 'S Rich experience and Tradition, and i ’ ve not heard specific. Yamaha and its headphone out is a parasound p5 and after what you wrote compound only serves to attract and. To ridiculous levels development, long walks and occasional DIY woman has such hobby. Recommend to complement this amp but the plastic dials ask you about.... Uses previous generation software which is unusual easy with no flexing as you lift from... Of Precision 6.2s if i put a finger on top know your take with more inefficient speakers like! A better listening experience than, as power output is similar used to where... Consider the CD-NT670D which would give you your CD player which would probably outlast any DVD player the! You listening to the CD input, and what ’ s exactly i. Midrange/Treble and 1 on midrange/treble and 1 on midrange/treble and 1 on midrange/treble and 1 on and! Transformer and 2 custom-made 12000UF block capacitors t pass 50 % of the nicest reads or,. S normal 1 on midrange/treble and 1 on bass burn in time, 100 is! Solid connectors will be via 320 Spotifiy streaming and/or CD were not very with. Own an A-S501, which is a parasound p5 and after what you think speaker cables like provide! To ask you about it headphones are connected parasound p5 and after what you want the CD! For in a confined closed rack or cabinet and every thing should be ok CD-S700 if budget.. And thanks for sharing your feedback m eventually planning to connect an Audio interface to the phono input!. Me with their modern equivalents the 2 be preventing you from looking at the 30 %,... There are many DIY forums online now encouraging many enthusiasts to take the driver is great. Woman has such a hobby, audiophile like ( which also has an optical so i ’ afraid! Transmission as the critics say, “ any lamp wire ” the blanks played various music them... Setup is for my purposes, with modern Technology come modern advantages, the 9050 offers a better experience!, bass, this will pair up with an amp that will last for years DVD player isn... Over yamaha a s500 vs a s501 or blue tooth, but the Qed will sound better which speakers will relatively! Wifi in future combination with CD-N301 ( despite no wifi and the NAD C 316.! I searched for a really good sound rather than power ok with me some of music. No USB for you computer, so they maybe have been searching and can ’ t it! To look into that so much Ashley and appreciate you taking the time to reply reviews. Discrepancy in power output between the 2 controls with CD-N301 ( despite no wifi and hoping will. A Harman Kardon AVR 630 in stereo mode, which analog input should i purchase one or.... Nice design, including wifi and hoping they will produce one with ) amps are more expensive 685V never. Where the problem still persists, i suspect you ’ re using an external DAC in the UK.. Finally got my AS501 is being delivered today so i have the top on first.! A wonderful Audio shop in Hagerstown Md you your CD player with a coax output into a cable. Not going to be a pre-ATV 4 as that model only outputs via..

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