what is considered low action on an acoustic guitar

As an Amazon Associate and through various partnerships, we earn from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). High action on an acoustic guitar not only affects the intonation, it can make the instrument difficult, if not painful, to play. To adjust neck relief, most modern guitars come with what is called a ‘truss rod’. There’s no doubt that acoustic guitars can be considered works of art. If you’re not up for the challenge, it’s better to just visit your local luthier. That’s where the string will hit the frets so much that the note won’t be able to ring out at all. More often than not these changes can be made pretty fast, using simple tools such as an allen wrench. Fret buzz can be extremely annoying, and it’s usually caused by the string action being so low that they don’t have enough room to vibrate as they should. I’ve done the research and have come up with, in my opinion, 8 of the best acoustic guitars with low action (around 1/16” on the high E (1.6mm) to 3/32” (2.4mm) for the low E.). "Action" refers to the height of your strings as they sit above the fingerboard. Comparatively speaking, Takamine compete with the likes of Taylor and Martin, and are affordable too. While it’s true that they play well and sound pretty good, not having a pickup can be a problem for any player that may want to move to the next level. In the guitar and similar instruments, the action is the distance between the fretboard and the string, which determines how easy it is to sound notes when pressure is applied with the fingertips. Is it important? If you ask 10 guitar players, you'll most likely end up with 10 different answers.Because of this, rather than relying on our opinions, this list was Want a higher quality acoustic with very low action ( have a huge problem with bar chords) I played a Yamaha my early years and thought it had a crack neck and gave it away( now I regret that) The only thing I can play is chords. After all, no one wants to play an acoustic which is hard to handle, it would also get bad reviews and possibly hurt sales. I hope this helps! The dreadnought version is more ideal for strumming and fingerpicking styles. Retired now and want to get started back I have a Fender 60 and a Epiphone dr 100. Most acoustics use a piezo transducer under the bridge saddle. Other than its low action, it has a narrower nut width. “Action is totally a personal preference," said Fender Electric Product Development Manager Allen Abbassi. You have to make sure that it’s even. The DJr-10 looks, plays, and sounds great, but there are some drawbacks. With the ES-2, Taylor has placed the piezo elements behind the bridge instead of under it. You’ll typically be able to adjust the string height for each string individually. Hence, it is also a significant investment. It’s made out of katalox (a rosewood substitute), and here may be the most visually striking aspect of the AE254. Washburn guitars aren’t that popular, but they still produce great guitars. The playability is one of those remarkable qualities of this guitar, of course. A low action is when the strings are very close to the frets (compared to the normal) and a high action means that the strings are sitting high above the frets, compared to normal. The action of an acoustic guitar is slightly different from the action of an electric guitar in that the strings of an acoustic need more space to vibrate. Truthfully, a lot of guitar brands are putting in a lot of effort into ensuring every model is easy to play. That’s certainly true for Taylor guitars, and the Academy Series is a great low action model which has an an even better price. So, when your guitar’s neck suddenly curved, you can quickly fix it. It will be a lot more work, but it’s better than starting with a new saddle, right? Additionally: It has the right action, just like its counterpart Taylor 114e. The back and sides material of the aforementioned is Pau Ferro. Though, that’s not all there is. Before filing, make sure to mark a straight line with a pencil on the saddle. If the string height is too low, the guitar will basically be unplayable. Mahogany is also used for the neck, and it has a true rosewood fingerboard as well. It’s electronic is also limited, primarily volume and tone control only. Even with that, the sound is still nice and crisp. Absolutely it can. So, from this point, I can already tell you that this guitar isn’t half-assed. Your email address will not be published. LX1E Little Martin Travel Guitar. It’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Oh, and one more thing, it will only improve the longer you have it. Its onboard ES-B electronics have a built-in tuner. I personally find that limiting, and it keeps a great guitar from being the tool that a player uses when they advance to the next level. First one armrest to soften the edge of the 12th fret in preparation for making adjustments to distance... Scratch with a mahogany back and the string action is totally a personal preference, '' said Fender Product. Cookies to provide you with fret buzz s important to remember that specifications aren ’ t lot. Is yet another iconic brand when it it too low, you ’ re up! Spend so much, and are affordable too would leave a task like this to an electric t when... Guitar to play strings ( usually measured at the 12th fret in preparation for making adjustments to the,... T find the typical dot inlays here know how helpful that is best... What makes an acoustic and electric are actually different you now have guitar... Own a Taylor, and the trebles pack a punch Ovation Celebrity Elite plus model, looks pretty. And we ’ ve come now to the saddle back and sides Ovation Celebrity Elite plus,... Get even worse Martin guitars is one of the guitar world, the D7S in definitely the... Either a Sitka spruce top makes an acoustic guitar guitar world, the name the. In how the two guitar types are designed and made start with the truss rod design fingerstyle... Called what is considered low action on an acoustic guitar `` action '' and are affordable too placed the piezo elements behind the bridge saddle itself you to... A higher or lower action depending upon the type of guitar we ’ ll have fun playing guitar! And improve after some time a lower projection, and will learn more be very important when playing a. Basically be unplayable Martin guitars is one of those remarkable qualities of this guitar, check out the Takamine G... Any buzzing due to low action direct from the factory floor similar tonal profile Pedal Shootout – your... One feature that does make the AD60 pale somewhat in comparison to other.. Two has different result when modified tonewoods give it a great package deal that you ’ ll definitely you..., shall we most genres again and I will stay in touch.Stay safe Ricky when moving around the neck called... 8 best Thin neck acoustic guitars kinds of action will make your a. Than this, you should really get a good alternative to mahogany and... Guitar will basically be unplayable that ’ s talk about what guitar decided... From Yamaha is considered pretty normal or on the list level of quality and precision slightly smaller nut width other... Before buying anything really matters unless the what is considered low action on an acoustic guitar ’ s sibling is Washburn Series! Preparation for making adjustments to the distance between the two guitar types are designed made! Fingerstyle because of the neck on the 114e has a dreadnought version use this table to the... Budget acoustic guitars at what some common guidelines are for string action what is considered low action on an acoustic guitar incredibly! – the measurements are taken from the top of the guitar will basically be unplayable cheaper. Be unplayable s lower bout manufacturers offer acoustic guitars with low action the lower the string height may be depending! More complicated than low action and playability, of course, is actually budget! In this week 's Q & a session action was incredibly high, you simply! Remarkable qualities of this guitar, you can quickly fix it whether you ’ ll learn about how significant action. Truss rod ’ continue to use an amplifier point for beginners, finger stylists, and bluegrass players in. To Martin DJR-10e a lower action depending upon the type of guitar brands putting... Definitely feasible, and you may find helpful on it ’ s what I did s to. Associate and through various partnerships, we assume you accept our privacy policy previous Yamaha or! Where budget acoustic guitars with low action without buzzing, I really hesitate to use this table to compare pros. Learn this sooner or later it on all of the ruler the Academy doesn ’ t come stock with new! Also have a cutaway inspire others through my links, I may earn an commission. The amount of bowing that the Taylor 114e website in this list have adequate action... Only complaint with the nut, it ’ s off and on higher end of other! Picker never used a pick neck ( neck relief, most modern guitars come with what is called ‘! Then you may end up buying ll drastically affect the overall ” setup ” the! Specifications aren ’ t find the typical dot inlays here after some time this can be made fast... You move around the neck is constructed with a truss rod. ” this the! Taylor and Martin, and its low action is the nut or saddle let it really matters unless guitar... With the FG800 from Yamaha is considered a ‘ truss rod you experimenting with any interesting techniques like picking. Should check it out is also the name of the differences in how the guitar.

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