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When you read about dogs in the Bible, this is the dog. They do well in all sorts of temperatures and weather conditions. In this article, we shall have a thorough overview of ten rarest dog breeds in the world. This ancient rare dog breed comes from the mountains of a Japanese island, where it evolved in relative isolation, making it a distinctly pure Japanese breed. You’re also not alone if you’re... Brown is a very popular color for dogs, and lots of dogs have brown in their coat in some way, shape or form. Considered by some to be a wild dog, their pack instincts are pretty strong. So here we go with our list of the rarest breeds of dogs in the UK: Aidi. They are a type of sled dog bred by Arthur Treadwell Walden in New Hampshire in the early 1900’s. Fila Brasileiro. Marshall says that one of the big reasons that Skye Terrier numbers are down is because people just aren’t aware of the breed anymore. They like to be the only dog in the house, and may not get along with other pets. Recognized as a specific breed in Hungary, they were not recognized elsewhere until the first dogs were brought to America in 1936. This breed is known … A few people dedicated to the bred have kept it from completely dying out. Rarer than the Great Panda, these canines are considered by many to be the rarest breed in the world. The Catahoula or Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, while considered a rare breed today, had been in existence long enough. Known as a “turn spit” dog, one of this pup's main functions was to keep the kitchen clear of varmints. The Telomian is the only known Malaysian breed to live elsewhere, but originally it was bred by the Orang... 2. The Swedish Vallhund or Swedish Cow Dog is a rare breed that comes from Sweden. By selective breeding practices and geographic isolation, hundreds of dog breeds have been created to do man’s bidding. They are friendly pooches and are great for large families. They are the ideal pet for active families that want to put the time in to have a trick dog. They love to chew and dig. … … They can sunburn which makes them susceptible to skin cancer. In the past, the Skye Terrier was everywhere in Scotland and Queen Victoria reportedly had a kennel full of them. Only recently have these rare canines been allowed to participate in shows and events. When you consider a list of the number of dog breeds, you will be astonished at the numerous breeds that are in the world. It should be no surprise that it is home to a wide variety of... Dog food manufacturing regulations are nowhere near as strict as they are for human foods. These fur-babies have webbed feet and excel in water activities. The Harrier, … They are usually not good for homes with young children or other pets. Among the rarest of breeds is the Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hound. It’s also the rarest dogs in the world. These breeds only exist in specific places in the world, have traits that make very difficult to breed and tame, or simply are unpopular as pets. The Peruvian Inca Orchid of Peruvian Hairless Dog is a relatively unknown breed, which accounts for its low numbers. In fact, diagrams of dogs that look like Basenjis have been found in Egyptian pyramids. Here are the 20 rarest dogs breeds… The Skye Terrier, which has a very long coat, has greatly dwindled in popularity as other breeds of terriers have become more desirable. Tough and sturdy, these pups do great in even the hottest of temperatures, and they do pretty well in chilly temperatures as well. One of the most unique characteristics of the Norwegian Lundehund is its flexibility. In medieval England the otter population was unchecked and consuming the river fish that were a valuable food source. Independent, these little guys handle alone time well. Called a “Pyre Shep”, these were the herders of the Pyrenees Mountains. Catahoula Cur. With great agility, they make excellent competition pets. Harvard recently published an article about … We don't blame you for wanting a really unique pup when you're ready to adopt. The Chinook is a rare breed of sled dog that was founded by Arthur Treadwell Walden, a sled-dog driver, author, explorer, and innkeeper from Wonalancet, New Hampshire. Throughout history, Canaan Dogs have served as sentries, messengers, service dogs, and landmine detectors. It is worth noting that some breeds are more available than others and that others are viewed as rare. The Kai Ken is recognized as a National … This breed has 3 sizes, so prospective owners can pick the one that works best for their situation. One of the most unusual facts about this breed is that, like wolves and another primitive dog called a dingo, females only come into heat once a year, unlike all other domestic breeds … In their home country, there are programs to try to avoid having this breed become extinct. They do better being the only pet in the family. English Foxhound . Mexican bald mutts were rated in the fifth or third thousand years BC and it flaunts a staggering history. Their gentle affect and polite manners have led many people to act to keep the breed going. There are very few of these pups outside their native lands of New Guinea. Azawakhs had to be given as gifts and they did not leave Africa until Dr. Pecar, a Yugoslavian diplomat who had been stationed in Burkina Faso, brought his Azawakh home with him. Don’t look for these, the next time you visit any dog park, some of them are so rare that they are only a few ones left in the entire planet. By Jacob Ormrod Apr 30, 2019. Really … This rare breed is only one of six dog breeds native to Japan. The Akita is very loyal to his family but he is wary of strangers and other animals. Comments. Their numbers have been steadily increasing. The breed is named after the Azawakh Valley in the Sahara Desert. The Azawakh is lean, tall, and a part of the sighthound family. But there are a number of rare dog breeds that we do not even know that they are exist. The Mudi is a rare breed from Hungary that supposedly evolved naturally from crossbreeding the Puli, Pumi, and German Spitz. Just as the saying goes, “Dogs are a man’s best friend!” According to the ASPCA, nearly 50% of American households have at least one furry family member. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. This interbreeding has resulted in three distinct sizes of Peruvian Inca Orchids. There's the Otterhound — with only 1,000 of these dogs remaining in the world, breeders and enthusiasts are fond of saying it's rarer than a white rhino. From strange to charismatic, take a look at the rarest dog breeds in the world. The 10 Rarest Dog Breeds In The World. Friendly and affectionate, they are great for families with kids and other pets. These are big dogs with big appetites. They are calm, but they still need regular exercise to be at their best. In fact, according to new research conducted by pet food company Webbox Naturals, only 0.3% of Brits have heard of some of the rarest dog breeds. Do not look up the prices for these dogs. A man named Frantisek Horak is credited with the creation of the Cesky Terrier. The Brussels Griffon is a toy dog breed that was originated in the city of Brussels, Belgium in the 1800s. It is also believed that the Canaan Dog may be one of the breeds responsible for establishing a relationship with humans.The Canaan Dog breed is so old that it is completely natural and unaltered by human hands. In 1940, Horak bought a Sealyham and spent nine years studying this breed before he felt ready to breed it with a Scottish Terrier to produce the perfect hunting dog. No matter how well you think you know all of them, there are many lesser-known breeds to be discovered. Depending on the organization (American Kennel Club, The Kennel Club, and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale) the number of officially recognized dog breeds in the world ranges from 202 – 344. 10 Rarest Dog Breeds in the World Skye Terrier. They need physical and mental stimulation to avoid becoming bored and destructive. Until the 1980s, the Azawakh was not present in the United States because these rare dogs could not be bought. Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the rarest dog breeds around the world, though they are listed in no particular order. They have only been spotted in Bolivia and have only made it into popular press a few times. Some breeds were meant to be hunters, … Here is our list of 10 very rate dog breeds in the world: The Azawakh is not only one of the rarest dog breeds, it is also one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. However, around 1930, Dr. Deszö Fényesi, director of the museum in Balassagyarmat, was one of the first people to start separately breeding the Mudi. (A quick note: the breeds featured in this list cover only the 193 fully registered breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Just like the small dog breeds, there are so many reasons why these 10 dog breeds are rare and unique. Many of the breeds on this list only have a population in the low thousands and some are even considered endangered. They can become aggressive and destructive if left alone. Rare Dog Breeds: The Dandie Dinmont Terrier. The Lagotto Romagnolo originally hails from Italy and was specially bred to find truffles, one of the world’s most elusive and expensive foods. By Amber Pariona on August 1 2017 in Environment. Affectionate and kind, the American Foxhound gets along well with children, animals, and even strangers. Check out the dogs that are rarest in the world and unusual you will ever see. This has resulted in all kinds of breeds, each with a very particular appearance and demeanor. These are some of the rarest we could find and put in a gallery. There are hundreds of dog breeds across the world. Meet the Breeds is the place to pet many of the AKC's 192 registered dog breeds If you want one of these rare fur-babies, it could be a wait of 6 months to 2 years. The Fila Brasileiro, or Brazilian Mastiff, originates as a hunting and guard dog. It has been used for over 1,000 years to herd cows and a number of other animals. The Otterhound’s ancestry may stretch as far back as the 12th century, but the current version of the breed appeared in the late 18th century. 14 Most Rare Dog Breeds on the Planet 1 Canaan Dog. Here are some of the rarest breeds in the entire world. They are rugged outdoor pooches and would be happiest with an active outdoors family. The retain a high prey drive and will chase anything that moves. Needing to live in the country, these pups aren't for city life and leash living. While they have a distinct pleasing look, they are not house pets. As its name suggests, the Peruvian Inca Orchid is the national dog of Peru and has a long history in the area. There’s a strong likelihood there are many undiscovered rare breeds of dogs. Chinook. However, some countries have stricter laws than others. There are only 300 of these pups in all of North America. Image: unsplash.com Source: UGC. 10 Rarest Dog Breeds In The World: Ultimate Guide. The whole breed of only 800 dogs comes from one male ancestor named “Chinook,” who was Walden’s lead sled dog… There are records of a small water dog with a bristly, crimped coat  that date back to the 5th and 6th centuries. If you love dogs and want to know more about rare breeds, you’ll love reading about the 10 rarest dog breeds in … Even in its home country of Tibet, it is difficult to find a canine that is a full bred Tibetan Mastiff. This breed stands apart from the rest due to their ‘double nose’. Kai Ken. If you do see one, these most rare dog breeds are usually performing their original functions as a traveling companion for caravans and guardians for homes and livestock. With other animals and children, they will try to show their dominance in sometimes aggressive ways. They can easily get anything off the tables and counters that they want; in fact, they stand taller than most surfaces. If you're looking for an atypical pet, here are 10 of the rarest dog breeds. 10 of the Rarest Dog Breeds. Considering the fact that there are almost 50 different countries on the continent, it should be no surprise that Asia is where so many... © 2020 TopDogTips.com. Category:Rare dog breeds. These most rare dog breeds are not fragile. But not all rare dog breeds are costly and sometimes, well, you just get lucky. With its many attributes, there are breed lovers who are tireless trying to keep the breed alive. There are only 1,000 registered Peruvian Inca Orchids in the world. Perhaps you know them all, but maybe you’ll find one you’ve never seen before! 1 of 14. Walden named one of the male puppies Chinook after one of his previous sled dogs. The breed rose to prominence during the reign of … If you are a hunter, you can’t get much better than the Scottish Deerhound. Despite the fact that it is one of the rarest dog breeds… The simple reason is that they are not common or rarely available for purchase in the general dog market. Bred for frigid temperatures, they do not do well in hot climates. Skye Terriers have remained roughly the same for over four centuries, which is much longer than other terrier breeds. … Here are 15 breeds that are pretty cool looking. They are a great friend for any child to have. Below we've compiled a list of the most rare dog breeds and the pros and cons to owning each one. Of these dog breeds, several are considered rare, but we chose to only cover the rare breeds that have information available about their numbers. Some dog breeds are rare therefore they typically you can find some of them on the official list of American Kennel Club dog breeds. With tight curls, the coat of this pup is made for keeping him dry and comfortable. They are great for mountain living and frigid temperatures. The Cesky Terrier is a rare breed of small terriers that were bred for hunting in the forests of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Known for their devotion to their families, the unique Dandie Dinmont Terrier is proof that good things come in small … These pups are scarce but incredible; hard to find because the breed … 10. Their keen sense of smell makes them excellent hunting, and search and rescue, dogs. A rare Hungarian breed, the Mudi can herd and guard the flocks, kill rodents and other pest, and be a calm and loving companion. In our list, you’ll see 10 of the world’s rarest dog breeds, dogs so unique that only hundreds of them exist in the world! A friendly breed, they get along with all pets and family members. 1. The Fila … If you get a pet that has white or pink skin, you must apply sunscreen if it will be in the sun for very long. They are so rare in fact, that in Japan they’re a natural treasure and have been protected by law since 1934. These dogs are only owned by a relatively small number of people on the planet. All rights reserved. If you want to adopt a dog that will turn heads while you're walking them down the street, these unique breeds will do the trick. They are one of the oldest recognized retriever breeds, but the breed is now considered endangered. Just like the small dog breeds, there are so many reasons why these 10 dog breeds are rare and unique. Some researchers report only about 200 dogs of this particular breed. Some dog breeds are more popular than others and some restricted to their country of origin. Although the exact origins of the Lagotto Romagnolo are unknown, its believed that the breed has been around for centuries. Because rare dog breeds are, well, rare, it can be tough to nail down specific numbers and rankings.With that in mind, we’ve gathered a diverse cross-section of the rarest dog breeds from around the world, most of which number fewer than 1,000 worldwide (compare that to hundreds of thousands of Labrador retrievers, the most popular dog in North America). The popularity of this breed is actually what led to its decline. This ancient hunting hound originated from West Africa in the countries of Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso over a thousand years ago. The Mexican hairless dog is one of the most ancient dog breeds in the world. rarest dog breeds in the world. Top 10 Best Puppy Food [2020] – Wet And Dry. The World's Rarest Dog Breeds Are All Coming to New York City for One Weekend. Loving and loyal, this fur-baby is happiest with his friends and family. Working in teams with other breeds such as Lhapso Apsos, the small dog would sound the alarm, while the massive Tibetan Mastiff took care of the threat. They have many qualities that make them not appropriate for family life or city life. READ NEXT: 4 Dog Breeds That Require the Most Care, Maintenance and Money. In 1936, the Mudi was officially recognized as its own breed. There are a lot of dogs out there, some weirder and rare than other. New Guinea Siging Dog is one of the rarest breed of the world. They are not hyper and needy. There are many rescue groups that focus on these most rare dog breeds due to the fact that people choose this pup without having the appropriate living situation. The Chinook is a rare sled dog breed from New England, and the official state dog of New Hampshire. Share; Tweet; Flip; Email; Pin It; List View Player View Grid View 1. The English Foxhound is an old breed, recognized by the AKC in 1909, used most notably for hunting in... Harrier. The rarest dog breeds in the United States are actually some of the most exciting! Rare dog breeds are those breeds that are not fully recognized by the AKC or have no specific rankings and numbers. The Kooikerhondje breed was developed during the 1500s in the Netherlands, where it was used to chase ducks into cages for hunters. It is considered a rare sighthound and has been bred to hunt fast moving game, like gazelle and hare. However, if you turn the list on its head, you can discover the rarest dog breeds in the US – which is exactly what we’re going to do in this article. Lagotto Romagnolos are the only dogs in the world who specialize in truffle hunting. Read up on some of the rarest dog breeds, according to the American Kennel Club, then start brainstorming names for your new pal! When you read about dogs in the Bible, this is... 2 Curly Coated Retriever. Like other sight hounds, this breed has great speed and agility. Rugged and independent, these dogs do well with alone time and outdoor living. Although intelligent, they are hardheaded and need a dedicated owner. Horak’s work finally paid off in 1963 when the Cesky Terrier was first recognized Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) as an established breed. These giants do not do well in small yards or apartments. We sincerely hope that by reading this article you will enrich your mind! And when they’re... A shiny black coat, whether short or fluffy, is an eye-catching trait for dogs. Exercise. These scent hounds need a strong, sturdy fence. It seems like everyone has a lab or a corgi, but these dog breeds are incredibly rare. Fast and determined, they are one of the best sight hounds in the business and one of the largest dogs. The rarest dog breeds offer something exciting that other common dog breeds don’t have in them. 20 of the World's Rarest Dog Breeds 1. Just take these 21 relatively unknown dog breeds, for example. It is also one of only six breeds that are protected by the Nihon Ken Hozonkai, an association that works to … Read on to see our list of the ten rarest dog breeds in the world and learn why we probably won’t see them at the dog park next time we take Fido out for a game of fetch. It is believed that Otterhounds have Bloodhound, several rough-coated French hound breeds, as well as the extinct Southern Hound blood in its background. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. The dog is bigger than most Siberian Huskies but smaller than most Alaskan … The independence of these dogs comes with a lack of patience and tolerance. In fact, they are almost self-sufficient except they still need feeding and watering. There are only about one thousand dogs worldwide. Subcategories. They are most popular in the United Kingdom, and they only had 83 of this breed registered in 2016. The distinct feature of the breed … Now, they are also one of the rarest. The Dandy Dinmont Terrier has a distinctive look and will need weekly, possible bi-weekly grooming to stay looking well-kept. These little dynamites love to play, but they are not overly energetic. Developed in New Hampshire, it is the official state dog. The puffins nested on Vaeroy’s cliffs and the Norwegian Lundehund was the only way to get to the birds. With agility and speed, they take to obstacle courses and hiking trails easily. The English Foxhound is an old breed, recognized by the AKC in … They were so prized that their value increased to the point that only a select few could own them. The national dog of Israel, this breed is still endangered. No. Norwegian Lundehunds can also move their ears forward and backward at will as well as fold them over. After all that, they are also a loving family companion. If you were like most kids growing up, you were probably less than amused when you received a pair of socks as a gift.... Asia is a massive continent with a rich, ancient history. Loyal and protective, they make excellent watch dogs. This breed was not developed but came about naturally in its homeland. If you are looking for a calm dog that is not yappy or needy, this may be the breed for you. For different reasons, some of these breeds have become endangered and even extinct. In this article we want to present you the list of the rarest dog breeds in our opinion. There is evidence of the breed as far back as the 5th century BCE, but they are believed to have been around longer than that. But fans of these unique dog breeds say the effort is worth it.

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