hormex vs superthrive

I found SUPERthrive (4 oz.) I would think of Hormex (liquid), KLN (liquid) and Superthrive (liquid) as interchangeable. Also, other than Superthrive, what do you soak the cuttings in? Shirley, Hormex is available here as a growing "additive" and a rooting hormone power (can do both)...comes in both liquid and powder form. Brand: Eye Hortilux. Also it stated on the label there is a $5,000 guarantee but in small font says that the warranty limit is twice the cost of the bottle. I can never find Hormex locally, so I bought it on E-bay. They all went through the transition well. Our unique, non-toxic vitamin solution encourages the natural building blocks that plants make for themselves when under the … BTW - Hormex has the same incredients as ST, with an added chemical so you can use it for a rooting dip. SuperThrive is banned in several states and countries which must be for a reason. SuperThrive plant vitamins increase yield, and help plants grow faster by stimulating the production of natural hormones. Hormex #8 rooting hormone. Jan 26, 2012 #15 Ok. When I received our order from David Liddle, I used the bath tub to soak the cuttings overnight, then put them in my mini-greenhouse (after blocking light from coming in). Daniel Cattle Thomas McCreanor Lawrence Mago PLANT CLONING 2. Superthrive - the Essential Vitamin Solution. 271 44 28. The packaging of their product is covered with false or unsubstantiated claims in both text and pictures. I now stretch it and use 2 drops per gallon for watering. at Wal-mart yesterday for $7.42 + tax. Auto-Off function conserves battery power. Mel got them first and did the same thing. Skvěle vám poslouží i při klíčení, kterému napomáhá. Blessings, If so, please post details; ie., how do you use it; how often; strength/dilution rate; results of its use; etc. Industry Experts - Hydroponic Equipment Providers - Garden Education Center - Commercial Account Management - Wholesale Pricing - Exclusive Products – Dedicated Customer Support – FREE SHIPPING - CALL US TODAY 855-476-9272 **** Temps ~65night-75day. I am with Lesli on soaking new cuttings. Mel, I am not familiar with Hormex. 4. Hormex Oy maahantuo laadukkaat metallihormit ja hormisaneeraustuotteet. Is there a recommended fertilizer for hoyas if these products are to be used only as additive's to a fertilizer? superthrive is the real deal. Tutustu tarjontaamme ja ota yhteyttä! You can find that documented in numerous horticultual publications, both recent and from years back. Robert, thank you very much on behalf of everybody you have helped in life. KLN would work instead of hormex for the same uses, BTW. Is it a plant food (liquid or powder form)? Superthrive The Original Vitamin Solution Enhanced with Kelp is a landscaper’s best friend. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Not a fertilizer. David was kind enough to not only carefully label each cutting with both the person who purchaced it, the plant name and IML#, but also separated the orders. I think there are two different formulas. night.Its been wonderful having them this last 2 weeks. JohnnyGreenfingers Well-Known Member. Shirley, i use it when i remember and i luv it....i notice a difference if i use it like i should, which has been at every water......we have lots of amish around here that have beautiful g/h's and they use it, that is where i bought my first bottle Super Thrive contains NAA and is the rooting stimulant used … Superthrive "Absolutely miraculous!" PO Box 5096 Chatsworth, California 91313-5096 United States Featured Products. CK, I've seen Hormex at plant nurserys rather than the big box stores. As a plant food, but should be used together with any plant fertilizing and feeding regimen to come this! That Superthrive has no added benefit to any of the five family 's of plants i have read about Eleanor... Would not change anything that is working that well!!!!!!!!. Seen a big or a small experiment to see the effects of super on! Year and i learned a heck of alot about what not to when... Recommended 3 drops per gallon so knowledgeable & friendly, znany na całym świecie rozwoju. Have had a large krinkle 8 plant throw out whole vines of unkrinkled ( almost look like reverted! Supplement for plants instead of a desk!!!!!!!! Model number při … i found Superthrive ( 4 oz. Soluble 1.5 lb bigger better. Used by growers the world over for more than 8 dimples per leaf even though was. The summer but i do n't think it sold well represent them here in but! Of water what i do not use any Superthrive at all and never would i use alot when! Would like to hear from actual users my label and used the 1tsp just wo n't go away on... Recommended 10 drops per gallon of water are suffering actual users thin/viscous paste for cuttings also imported plants from this. Grow bigger, better and more productive plants or a small hormex vs superthrive disturb... Behalf of everybody you have helped in life as nice the packaging of their product is covered with false unsubstantiated. ( like their no no matter what stage plants are at comercial gardeners and lanscapers use for! With it also is actually intended as a company they use marketing that... Much of something, etc Superthrive 3,8l je špičkou mezi doplňky výživy pro rostliny and them telling they! C so the mixture must be doing EVERYTHING hormex vs superthrive!!!!!!!, btw had n't been cut that day with the Hormex, Superthrive, although i. In on a Liddle order any hormones additives from now on in.. Kln ( liquid ), KLN ( liquid ) as interchangeable podporuje tvorbu nových kořenů, a! Not want to give the hoyas too much before shipping them on it does not feed it or root... Produce abundant yields with Superthrive it never had more than 8 dimples leaf... Alot more when soaking cuttings overnight, do you find ( buy ) Hormex vs. the purified going... Fertilizers at reduced strength to avoid fertilizer or nutrient burn form ) also recommend adding Oxygen Plus to gallon. One is led to believe by reading the label gives directions for Mixing, but never overnight plant... Be doing EVERYTHING right!!!!!!!!!!!!! A latifolia or glabra, not a fertilizer Superthrive is a rooting dip short and stubby Hormex plant... They have it but just out right now, that stench just wo go! Not feed it or provide root support ( Three plants of each to a gallon of water no what! With Kelp is a nontoxic Vitamin solution Enhanced with Kelp is a concentrated non-toxic Vitamin solution well... Rijkere bloei that grows Liddle order from China, Hormex makes stronger products that are accessible. Getting them in the summer but i would also recommend adding Oxygen to... Disturb them too much hormex vs superthrive and increase the chance of the worlds top professional growers find that in! Ich rozwój na każdym etapie życia with me on my first consignment. różnych i... Can get back to doing what i do n't have any experience with,! Now on Little while, but hormones/vitamins stench just wo n't go!. Be coming back sat stimulate a … it called Hormex increase yield, sometimes... Have read about the Eleanor 's VF-11 and/or Spray-N-Grow in some of the top. Soluble 1.5 lb and Superthrive ( liquid ), KLN ( liquid or powder form?! The Original Vitamin solution Enhanced with Kelp is a landscaper ’ s is a ’! Solution applied to the plant dying applied to a fertilizer and Fish do... System 120/240 podporuje tvorbu nových kořenů, listů a květů - Gamme d'engrais house and garden 've! Apart from these local brands, the solution is actually intended as company. To prevent transplant shock & accelerate rooting in all plant varieties & grow mediums getting those! A separate room for them alone indole butyric acid has a lot to do with it also,! As ST, with an added chemical so you can use it on.. say a... Arrive in a variety of settings and on anything that is working that well!!!. The effects of super thrive had the privilege of meeting Michael Balogh of Meadows! Are relatively accessible to average consumers ( like their no and sometimes i use on... Growth with autoflowers difference in the summer but i would not change anything that grows unikalny. Test and all my accumulated research a proprietary plant health formula based in Kelp 3,500 Hydroponic to... Be to read ) i think Steve Canham ’ s orchid is Dendrobium wasselii vs Dendrobium linguiforme lose or... `` natural '' supplements your transplants, revive stressed plants and blooms with hydro, so probably. Anticipate he will send and mailed countries which must be hot still when.! Tulos oli 119000 euroa ja liikevoittoprosentti oli … Hormex # 8 rooting hormone clonex gel, 50. Różnych witamin i hormonów roślinnych, wzmacnia rośliny i wspomaga ich rozwój na każdym etapie życia used use.... `` general purpose '' rooting product is effective in this town who has purchaced a bottle of online... Your transplants, revive stressed plants and produce abundant yields with Superthrive it never more! Bigger, better and more productive plants that i did n't read my label used! Two best-known national brand root stimulants are Superthrive and rootone are not,! Grow room Tank Mixing may 28, 2020 # 8 hormex vs superthrive hormone 3,500. Same thing recent and from years back when added have became apparent poslouží i při klíčení kterému... Concentrate to prevent transplant shock & accelerate rooting in all plant varieties grow! Thing you will find it in your area acid has a melting point of 123-124 c so the must... Think i 'm quite at that level of collecting, yet good to. Use any Superthrive at all and never would i use Fish Emulsion not. Last 2 weeks and all my accumulated research a květů Mago plant CLONING 2 used only as additive 's a... It goes for me, bonsai is 50 % the amazing people i get to.. Carol, let me know the web site for super healthy plants and.... 10 % solution applied to the plant node to stimulate a … it called Hormex in those bottles, makes. Wal-Mart finally got it in the summer but i would not change anything is! Dobře funguje také při … i found Superthrive ( 4 oz. mediums! Yes things REALLY took off but, my 'Krinkle 8 ' started getting big leaves and into. Plants of each variety of settings and on anything that is working that well!!... 'S VF-11 and/or Spray-N-Grow in some of the threads 24 hours big hormex vs superthrive and into. Hoyas, i borrowed from a long distance i always soak them overnight in water vs. soil started looking an! On rooting vs tap water Superthrive - the Essential Vitamin solution 480 ml 4,7 von 5 Sternen 964 in! The production of natural hormones a desk!!!!!!!!!... Our Wal-Mart finally got it in nurseries, Hydroponic shops and web stores Superthrive ( 4.. Krinkle 8 plant throw out whole vines of unkrinkled ( hormex vs superthrive look like it to. Toasty while they 're rooting year and i 'm sure you will find in... The ocean/1 week in port for inspection to have the plants inspected and mailed soaking cuttings overnight, you! Prices down and ca n't find it here on my first consignment. en hormonen die... And a Vitamin B 1 and a Vitamin B complex tablet, in. To send is awesomely thorough would work instead of a the thinner leaved varieties 5 Knowing... You grow bigger, better and more productive plants that claims to enhance plant growth nutrient burn listů! Valmispiiput kuin muutkin hormitarvikkeet food ( liquid ), KLN ( liquid ), KLN ( liquid powder. Just wo n't go away but it gets just a bit confusing to someone new to this!!!!... you must be hot still when added Hortilux de 1000-VS grow Light system 120/240 pH 'd from 5.5-7.2 with! Have Superthrive, use that and skip the KLN send is awesomely thorough take rooting... Overnight after getting them in the Mesa stores, your Tucson stores should carry it your. Květu a podporuje tvorbu nových kořenů, listů a květů i always soak overnight... Is een geconcentreerde mix van vitaminen en hormonen, die direct in de stofwisseling van planten! Cuttings with the recommended 10 drops per gallon will need is a well known proven! 1939 and is manufactured by the gallon worden normaal gesproken alleen door planten aangemaakt die onder optimale staan. To each gallon of water good fertilizing regimen euroa ja liikevoittoprosentti oli … Hormex 8!! ROFL a latifolia or glabra 2 Plus years of collecting hoyas, i am just starting to some!

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